Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thinking too much

I find myself envious of people who have a passion in their life and the courage to pursue it. I've always been a "Jack of all trades, master of none." I may be uncommonly smart (or so I've been told; I question whether what I have is truly 'intelligence'), adept at understanding systems, solving problems and a hard worker when I find motivation.

But every new pursuit bores me when it becomes routine; after the novelty wears off, the work becomes boring and I need something new to get inspired again.

Sometimes, when I'm not being as introspective or charitable with myself, I just say that I'm lazy. Willing to work hard so long as the work is easy and quickly rewarding, but not willing to see through the difficult tasks that might pay off in the long term.

Not sure why I'm thinking about this now; I have it very good at the moment. But I know that living overseas and raising kids doesn't last forever, so at some point I'll have to find something else to do with my days...I'd like it not to suck.


eric said...

I want to say how much i enjoy your posts. I'm the husband of an LT in the Army Nurse Corps, and have an 18 month son I stay at home and chase after every day. I feel like this more days than not.

JA3 said...

Eric, Thanks! I'm not the blogger I used to be but I always have good intentions to post...and during my wife's next patrol I hope to fill in a lot of our backstory here in Japan.

Thanks to your wife for serving and to you for making it possible. I'm sure you've been told, 18 months is a great age... really, they're all great ages; your fun and frustrations have just begun!

Best regards -- John