Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy birthday Theo

Today's moment of funny that made up for a long day:

Theo is getting ready for bed and Daddy is whistling "Don't let's start" to himself.

Theo: "What you singing, Daddy?"

Daddy: "Uh, They Might Be Giants, Theo."

Theo: "No, Daddy, there won't be giants."

you probably had to be there.


rico567 said...

Before reading your post, I was driving back from Lodge Park with Theo, whistling away. He asked "What you singing, Grandpa?"
I replied, "Papageno's aria from Mozart's The Magic Flute."
Silence. I then said "Maybe that's too classical. How about "The Wheels on the Bus?" I then proceeded with a rendition of that number, to which your son replied, "I want to learn to whistle."

Sabalo said...

I was going to make a role-playing game joke here concerning levels and giants, but I wisely vetoed the idea.