Friday, July 16, 2010

I think of blogging often, does that count? No? Balls.

I've been wanting to sit down and write posts for the past few days, as life has finally settled into a somewhat predictable routine for us here in Sasebo … but for the past few days I've been hit hard by a bush-league head cold that has grown, mutated and invaded my sinuses, giving me pain worse than anything in my recent memories and making me all but useless for anything requiring rational thought.

Just sitting down to organize my thoughts and decide how to organize my posts covering the past two months (Two months? Really? Yes, really) seems impossibly daunting when I'm dealing with a constant low-grade nausea and it feels like railroad spikes have been driven into each of my cheeks. Every time I tell someone that I think it's getting better, within a few minutes the world is spinning again.

Some medication has relieved most of the pain and started the drainage process, even if it hasn't restored normal brain function.

I'm still not sure how to organize and post my stories from the past couple months; something tells me that's just a bit of procrastination on my part and not the fault of the small creatures behind my eyeballs who seem to be trying to eat my brains.

Still; not having my brain at full throttle probably isn't even that much of a loss. I think my most frequent thought the past couple months has been "HOLY CRAP THIS IS JAPAN AND I LIVE HERE."

Anyway…enough of the procrastination. I will start blogging from this point on and if you never hear about the trip over and how we got ourselves here and settled in…well, keep bugging me and it will happen.

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